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Gym studio Tsutsumane

Mr Sanele Ningi, who is the proud owner of Gym Studio Tsutsumane

Mr Sanele Ningi, who is the proud owner of Gym Studio Tsutsumane, has opened his gym 6 months ago. He started training at his home with his friends with few collected equipments. His small gym attracted people in his area and they joined him because there was no gym around Tsutsumane where people could go and train. Lot of people went to sport track next to kwa-Bhekilanga high school. At that moment people started joining but they couldn’t accommodate lot of people because of lack space and equipment.

Due to people demanding to join Sanele’s gym, He decided to go look for funding and ask his parents to extend the space so that he could grow the gym into business. He was lucky to get funding and pursue his dream.

Sanele and his team where inspired by people requesting to join the gym, that showed him that people in his area where interested in excising. But thou he had the love of training and it was about time someone stood up to improve their community and do something to meet people’s needs than waiting for government to empower our youth.

Sanele also added that they still finding it difficult to accommodate people in their gym because people are joining. He said they lack some other equipment to perform other tasks because they are too costly. He wants to leave a legacy in his community so that youth can have better healthy future.

His mission, he wants to see the gym being one of competitors to big gyms such like Virgin Active and opening branches at malls and other places. He advised young entrepreneurs to not give up on their dreams “you only young once and your ideas are at the best pick, so use your time wisely and productive. Never take your ideas for granted and failure can build you”. He also added that, entrepreneur’s ideas are highly needed in our country to boost the economy of South Africa. “ youth needs to invest their time and money on empowering themselves than to party and drink alcohol because the future its in their hands.