Shootout between criminals and police at Alexandra


    On the morning of 25 February 2019 Alexandra police units working on intelligence driven operation successfully netted a group of guys whom have long been terrorizing our Society and eventually their luck ran out and they were arrested and their weapons confiscated. Apparently, suspects were followed, unaware they stopped and changed registration of their car and Police bounced on them, they then shot at Police and shootout issued. One got shot other 3 managed to drive away but police gave Chase till suspects lost control and crashed against the wall at 17th Avenue and Cnr Vasco all 3 were cornered and apprehended on the spot. firearms and ammunition were seized. Our intensified joint operations are yielding great results and surely our efforts feeds our critics humble pies. Spokeperson for Alex police station captain Stephen Malatji said he want to promise all those who still believe crime is a profession to them, that the Instruction by Min Cele to “give criminals sleepless nights” is unfolding and they better watch out because this is a steamroller you are going to be crashed fellas. Choice is yours leave and live while you can or face the might of guys and dolls in Blue.