SGB and parents accusing principal for corruption at Iphutheng Primary scchool


    The SGB and parents at Ithuteng primary school are accusing the principal of corruption. They say the principal has been misusing the money of the school.

    From 2013 the school principal has been running the school in an unacceptable corrupt manner, where he was not properly following the code of conduct of SGB. The former Treasure was expelled for questing the manner in which the principal was running the financials affairs of the school.

    The SGB says the former Chairperson were signing and cashing up the cheques without requisition and treasurer signature. The SGB and parents says there were no parents meetings from 2013 till to date where he should be tabling the budget and get report back to parents in terms of performance and financials expenditure reports.

    They also accuse the principal of giving the SGB tenders to do maintenance at school that alone is not allowed in the terms of PFMA that’s a conflict of interest. Some parents mentioned that the conditions of the classrooms are not acceptable have potholes that undermines the human dignity of learners.

    The school SGB and parents argue that the department of education need to urgent intervene and recommend that they do investigations about the issues that they have raised. They also added that they request an urgent meeting with the former SGB and newly elected SGB members to get their views about the operations affairs of the school. The district office have promised the members of the SGB on Monday in a meeting that was held later that day, they will do their own investigations and get back to them with their feedback and findings.