Gangsterism at Ikage


    School gangsterism continues at Alexandra schools, despite the Alexandra community
    police forum (CPF)
    Alexandra police spokeperson Captain Steven Malatji said a group of boys closed down
    Ikage primary school gate last week “we've been informed by Ekage Principal
    sometimes last week that a group of school going boys from other schools came with
    assortment of weapons, Seemingly a gangster. They waited at the school's gate and
    attacked Ekage boys when they try to go home, they were held back and couldn't risk
    going through.” Said Malatji.
    Malatji said they managed to defuse the confrontation and eventually the group
    dispersed and all boys went home safely but they can't guarantee that the situation is
    totally brought under control as it may surface somewhere else were they meet again.
    The spokerson of Alexandra police station adviced parents to have quality time with
    their children, show interest on their kid's school work, build a close relationship so that
    they ( kids) can confide in them and that will fascilatate openness and reliance. Every
    problem they experience they will share and parents will be the first to know than their
    school teachers and police.