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Alex Review: Katlego Glass and Mirror Wholesale

Katlego and his brother at Tsutsumani where their business is located.

Amos Chueu

Katlego Mashao is a young man who runs a family business called Katlego Glass and mirror wholesale. The business started in 2016, since then they have been selling house windows and fitting aluminium.
The business was started as a family business with everyone contributing capital to buy material and from there the business started growing and sustaining its self.
We have been getting business from community and there is been more demanded of windows than any other material said Katlego. The only business they were getting was from community and he has tried to apply for funding from government to grow the business. He also mentioned the cause of the down fall in his business which is, people who buy on credit and that affect on buying stock.
Katlego mentioned that business needs patients and consistence, and work hard because business has its ups and downs, so you need to take each day as it come, he said that advising young people who look up to him everyday. He wishes to open more branches across the nation to grow his business.
Mr Mashao has a strategy to develop skills empowerment in our youth, he says he wishes to meet our government half way in terms of proving training to our youth. He has been a member of GALXCOC helps small business with funding but nothing much have been done all they do is pay membership.