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Xenophobia addressed in Alexandra


Phillemon Sikhosana

A simple message circulated among Alexandra residents insinuating xenophobia initiating in Alexandra.
The message, which was fake news triggered Action Support Centre, Alexandra Peace Builders, Alexandra Community Policing Forum, City of Johannesburg, Alexandra School transport and African Born Freedom fighter, African National Congress and a representative of MDC Zim in Gauteng to meet with the community and unravel the issue.
Benjamin Chisala secretary of Alexandra Peace Builders is the first one who took to the podium explaining the concept of xenophobia and Afrophobia “South Africa has not yet reached the stage of xenophobia, before you can be xenophobic you’ll start having tribal issues then there’ll be issues of ethnicity third stage that leads to xenophobia is Afrophobia which is what we mostly practice as Africans. If you hate a brother from another country with the same skin as you, who shares the very same customs and the very same cultures as you.” Explained Chisala.
The meeting was called to solve the eviction issues among Alex residents and the possible xenophobia attacks.
Mme Lucia Phopo who’s a resident of Alex and a member of Alexandra Peace Builders alleged that the reason there was #AlexShutdown was to cover up for foreign nationals who were coming out and exposing those they bought extension 7 and 9 houses from “We don’t want foreign nationals to go, we want them to rent rooms so they could come out and tell us who exactly they bought their houses from. Shutdown was just a cover up to send foreign nationals back to their home and leave with information we need” said Mme Phopo
Austin Dube who’s also a resident of Alexandra but not of South African nationality criticized ambassadors of countries who don’t come to the township where people their representing are based instead their based in suburbs like Sandton “Every nation has ambassadors but you’ll never see them in the township, they don’t know how we live. A person travelled all the way from Zimbabwe came to South Africa to represent Zimbabweans, but you’ll never see them in meetings, how do they then represent us not knowing what we eat and where we live”. Said Dube.