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Alarming Rape Cases In Alexandra


We are just 25 days into the month of June and already two cases of rape and house robbery has been opened at the Alexandra Police station.

On Tuesday 4 July a 37-year-old was allegedly robbed and raped at gunpoint at her home, the woman was said to have been sleeping an unknown male wearing balaclava entered her house while she was sleeping. The suspect allegedly demanded her to undress and he forced himself on her without using a condom.

The suspect went on to stealing the victim’s cell phone, money and a television set and told the victim that he has never had a woman in his life therefore would come back, he father on gave the woman numbers which doesn’t exist.

The victim says she is still surprised how as to how the suspect gain access to her house as she remembers locking the door.

Police are also investigating a case of rape which occurred on Friday 14 July where another lady aged 23 was raped at knifepoint at 10th Avenue.

It is said that the unknown suspect threatened a victim with a knife when he found the victim home alone and demanded her to undress and raped her without using any form of protection.

Alexandra Police spokesperson captain Stephen Malatji says the suspect has been caught the same day and is currently in police custody.

However, Police are pleading with the community to come out and report this case, work with the police for 3 similar cases of rape has occurred in less than 30 day. In May another 22-year-old was raped when a male gained access to her house whilst she was asleep