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R30 million to rehabilitate Alexandra


Phillemon Sikhosana

The department of justice’s project to rehabilitate Alexandra is on the way. In a meeting hosted by Alexandra Multi-stakeholder Project Team (AMPT), the community discussed programs that should be implemented in the project to rehabilitate Alex following oppression it endured during the apartheid era. The meeting held at San Kopano hall on Wednesday 20 November was officially opened by ward 107 councilor, councilor Maseko. Among those who attended is Alexandra’s philanthropist Linda Thwala.

Speaking to the community Dingaan “we selected community rehabilitation because we realized that atrocity of previous regime didn’t not only affect a specific group of the community, every member of the community was involved one way or the other, we were brutally arrested, some were killed and some ran away. The purpose of the rehabilitation selection is to heal the community but not for individual benefits”

A number of projects under memorial cultural village were proposed by AMPT namely: Great wall of remembrance (The wall will be erected with bricks that have names of those who passed on from 1960-1994. In the other section of the wall there’ll be names of all members of community who were arrested during the same period.), A photo gallery will be built and community will be requested to share pictures taken between 1960-1994 the pictures will be displayed in the facility for the community.

An oral history venue will be built and those who were there during the struggle will be asked to share the stories of what happened and the visitors and community will listen to the stories. There’ll be a section that will be playing old protest songs and videos to remind the community of where they come from. The other section will be a psycho social program, this section will seek to assist those who were personally affected by the violence and trauma of experiencing killings, seeing dead bodies and other horrific acts. The last section will be facilitation of livelihood for the community and self-sustenance of the project (Bookshops, CD and DVD shops will be opened, the community will be encouraged to sell their handwork from the site, drawings, painting, traditional attires) this is to generate funds to sustain the project.

The committee is open for ideas, proposals from Alexandra citizen, it utilizes Thabo Mopase’s office at San Kopano.

The project can only happen with assistance and support from Alexandra community.

The department of justice was represented by Thapelo Mokushane community rehabilitation project leader.

All the ideas and proposal need to be submitted before the end of this financial year which will be next year March and then the project will ensue in 2020’s financial year.