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(ICYMI) Candle light for Isabelle


A 56-year-old Isabelle Vancoller was murdered by a group on men on the morning of 15 November while she was driving her white Kia Rio on Cunning and Dublin roads in Bramley. In a video that circulated online when the vehicle came to a stop, four men were seen approaching it, pointing firearms. It seems the victim tried to flee before they shot her. The men then drag her out the car before fleeing with it.

The vehicle was later recovered on 6th Avenue in Alexandra.

Different stakeholders on Tuesday 26 November at about 5pm-7pm met at the intersection where Vancoller was hijacked and murdered for a candlelight prayer. From pastors to izangoma.

Frith Selolo secretary of ward 81 Onica Mashego Branch said the purpose of the candle light was putting a prayer and finality to the victim of hijack that happened in the area “ we’re here as a branch to celebrate with Isabelle’s family, conscientise  the community about the crime happening in the area. Working together with Bramley and Sandringham police to say crime affect us all”.

”We took the decision as a branch to invite churches, communities, izangoma to do all the procedure for her family to have a closure” said Selolo.

The candlelight was held a day after the commencement of 16 days of activism for no violence against women and children campaign.

Given the scourge of Gender-Based violence in the country, which is declared a national address, government is implementing the Emergency Response Action Plan on Gender-Based Violence and Femicide, which was announced by President Cyril in September 2019.