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Schoober foundation host scholar transport workshop


Schoober foundation in partnership with Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) hosted road safety and scholar driver workshop on Tuesday 3 December at 8th avenue council offices, Alexandra. The purpose of the workshop was to educate scholar transport drivers’ on road safety as they transport the future of the country “Drivers carry kids on a daily bases, we thought we should start with the 1st of many workshop to come. First-aid and child minding is what we focused on in the first workshop.” Said Lebogang Sepato Schoober foundation founder.

Other stakeholders who attended the workshop is the community, Balo Logistics, Future of Transport and Barefoot Facilitator.

Schoober aims to have a database of drivers with their cars and parents will make a choice on the individual they would prefer to have transporting their child.63

This workshop follows the transport month (October) workshop that was hosted by the same foundation where they had the acting chief director of scholar transport Elmon Maake from national department of transport and the Alexandra Scholar Transport Organisation. “We want to formalize scholar transport to let parents choose the driver and car they want to transport their children, we want to look at social woes under this sector, the safety of kids. Children don’t have a say in how they want to sit in the car and the level of noise the music playing in the transport that takes them to school.”

Schoober is calling out for attention from different governmental departments: Basic education and transport to TETA