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Alexandra police meets with liquor traders


Unlicensed liquor traders and liquor traders who are not abiding to their trading hours seem to be a problem in the township as a number of liquor traders complained to the liquor board about this issue.

Amongst the issues that were raised by the liquor traders pertained to the (shebeen) owners who questioned the use of permits instead of licenses, South African Police Service (SAPS) taking bribes from illegal traders and those not abiding by the , increment and renewal price for liquor licenses.

Responding to the issue of bribes colonel Tau asked for cooperation between the police and traders “I remember giving out my personal numbers to the community several times, so we could talk amongst ourselves about the illegal operating liquor traders, police officers taking bribes, and those trading after their allocated hours but you guys never sent anything.” Those giving our policer officers money report them to us. Whenever you listen to the radio or watch TV communities are complaining about incompetent and corrupt officers but not once do we receive a picture of a car that they saw taking bribe in this address. Let us act, share information to stop all this” Said Tau.

Ntate Zwane A liquor trader said if one (Liquor trader) complied with the rules of the liquor board and their trading license there wouldn’t be problems.

In closing Colonel Eddie asked liquor traders who can afford surveillance cameras to install them at their taverns, sheebens, clubs to help in apprehending those who commit crime at the venue.