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Alex’s Thwala asks for land


Alexandra’s philanthropist Linda Thwala asked government officials who attended crime imbizo for land for the people of Alexandra.

Alexandra township located in the north of Johannesburg across Africa’s richest square mile Sandton is one congested township that houses thousands of African’s from all walks of life.

Thwala who’s known as the father of Alex asked for land from neighboring surbubs from government ministers and other stakeholders who attended the crime imbizo at Alex stadium. “We need more land in Alexandra, what causes fights and to build in pavements is not because people want to, the situation forces them. We’re asking for that Franklan world for that Limbro Park. A 13 year old girl cannot bath in front of their father and male sibling, they (males) have to get out of the house and go chill either outside or in the street and that can’t be life.” Said Thwala.

Speaking on young people who are abusing drugs the philanthropist said some the parents got kids involved in drugs when they used to buy them alcohol to lure them to join the protests.

He further pleaded for a retirement village in White areas “We need a retirement village for all the old people in the suburbs. Our mothers can’t die in this township.

“We have a reading club for kids, as many aren’t privileged to go study at model c schools, send them to my book club, we also have a computer, music and other artistic programs. The only thing we’re asking for is your support.”

Thwala also urged Alexandrians to use water sparingly and not waste it. “It’s sad to see the amount of water that is wasted in those shacks on London rd just next to the clinic. Let’s use water sparingly”.