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What lockdown looks like in Alex


What lockdown looks like in Ale
After the president declared a 21 days lockdown commencing on Thursday 26 March midnight to 16 April. Alexandra township located in the north of Johannesburg is one of the congested areas in South Africa. A lockdown for residents of Alex is hard as some families share a 1 room as they’re home.

Today 30 March is the first day of Sassa social grants payouts for old and people living with disabilities. Alex mall Shoprite through the Facebook page of the mall put out a picture of chairs lined outside to social distance abogogo nabobamkhulu who’ll be receiving their payouts. Pick n Pay Alex mall also availed itself from 6am to 10am to only serve the old people.

In the streets one can tell many Alexandrians are following the president’s orders. Although there’s a few people standing in the streets and some group of teenagers at the spaza shop