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Giving at this time


National lockdown pronounced by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa in the month of March has seen many South Africans who are doing different type of jobs from engineers to helpers and informal traders battling to get any pay to feed their families and themselves.

Alexandra’s Sbusiso ‘Cosmos’ Zwane foundation donating food to some of Alexandra residents.

Many people have come out on social media platforms and radio to talk about the retrenchments news they have just experienced through emails and others complaining about their employers who used to deduct a UIF money but now they can’t access the money as they find out they actually weren’t registered with UIF, the deductions were just front to mug them.

Such actions of not having means to buy food for your family and news of losing a source of income results to stress that may later lead to depression.
It’s vital that at this point in time we share whatever we could with those who have lost their jobs and those who have no food.

Many NPO in Alex have come out to help where they can, including Sbusiso ‘Cosmos’ Zwane Foundation and Brian Baloyi Foundation who have distributed food parcels to families in the Alexandra based township.

It’s at times like this where everyone is applauded for the little they do and such actions from everyone including the former football players born and bred in this township have done are applauded for.