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Wattville on a mission to save the country


Learning the new daily routines which one is coerced to adhere to is never being a walk in a park, but for the sake of the country’s wellbeing, the community of Wattville up until this far had modestly succumbed  to the pressure set by the Covid19.  

Today, the country marks six weeks and six days after the lockdown was declared. Social distance has been a major issue during this time as it pressures people to adapt to the new ways of living and enjoying life.  The Wattville community has received social distance as a function which every inhabitant of the community should practise, respect, and educate others, and albeit the minority failing to do so.   

 Measures to prevent covid19 such as Masks and sanitizer’s are prevailing in every opened  business in Wattville which proves the chain of command that exist amongst the Wattville community , local business owners, and the government. Sanitizers are recommended for killing germs from hands which may possibly the transporter of the virus covid19.  And mask prevents the contact between hand and mouth/nose.

 In these trying times of fighting the covid19; the country is requested to stand as a unit regarding the practising of the National Disaster Management act regulations which are being created and implemented for the solely purpose that is speedy recuperation in all the sectors affected.