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Proudly South African had recently launched a Buy Local consumer education campaign that went live on various platforms which included TV commercials.

The new campaign featured Dr John Kani who was both the face and the voice of the buy local campaign’s previous advert.

Dr Kani takes on the role of the state President seen delivering an address to the nation.

The TV commercial element, called ‘Game Time’ was shot in one day in Johannesburg and Alex.

“The campaign calls upon us to contribute to putting the South African economy and South Africans back to work by making buy local choices.

“Unemployment figures now stand at a record high of over 30.1%. Our economy is in dire straights and the debt levels of the country, and those of its citizens had already escalated to dangerous levels over the last few months and have been further impacted by the lockdown and the economic inactivity particularly of levels 4 and 5.

“We are delighted with the interpretation of the objectives of our campaign brief by everybody involved in the pre-production, execution and post-production phase of the TV commercial in particular. We are very proud of what we have achieved together.

“We hope the commercial will resonate with the South African public and they will see the benefits of buying locally manufactured goods, but more important, that they will understand the consequences of not supporting our own,” said ProudlySA Chief Executive Officer Eustace Mashimbye.

“We are especially grateful for Dr John Kani’s passion for the buy local movement and his willingness to be part of the project and we hope that it will be his voice that people hear when they go to the shops or order online, making them think twice before choosing an imported item.

“Buying imported products results in jobs being exported, and it is this direct consequence which we need to be mindful of when making our everyday purchasing decisions,” Mashimbye said.

The TV commercial part of the campaign is being flight as a public service announcement on SABC which is a strategic partner of ProudlySA.

It is also being flighted on eTV and DSTV channels which have committed to providing support to this much needed Buy Local drive.

The entire consumer education campaign will also have a presence on various radio and digital platforms giving it a significantly broader reach.

Members of the public can see the ad on YouTube: https://youtu.be/sdyj05fjtuQ.