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                Illegal mining still a major issue in harry gwala



After several operations determined for preventing illegal mining in Harry Gwala informal settlement at Wattville, “it appeared like eating a soup with a folk as illegal mining is still a popular illegal activity in the area”, said Actonville SAPS spokesperson Captain Mothapo.

The latest illegal mining operation conducted by the Actonville SAPS in Harry Gwala resulted to the arrests of 16 suspects, age between 29 and 40. Illegal equipment such as penduka, compressor, iron rod, steel plates, gas bottles and pots were also seized.

The suspects appeared in Benoni regional court on the 14th August 2020 and remained in custody until further notice.

“Irrespective of numerous efforts by the SAPS for restraining illegal mining in Harry Gwala, illegal mining has remained a source of income and lifestyle in the area and is not going anywhere yet because of unemployment”, said anonymous (dweller and illegal miner).

Captain Mothapo said,” the next operation is loading and I guarantee this time it will be heavier than ever as other SAPS branches such Boksburg and Brakpan, will be available to assist in apprehending those involved in the illegal activities in the area”.