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 Under influence on duty guard in OR Tambo precinct misbehave


An under influence of alcohol security guard in OR Tambo precinct in Wattville did not hesitate to apply loutish language on the Ekurhuleni pioneer newspaper reporter.

After five minutes the reporter arrived at OR Tambo precinct for gathering a story about place, the reporter received more than his expectations. The reporter said “I was greeted by an unmannered, drunk, untidy and foul-mouthed security guard”. Apparently the security guard was on a drinking spree as he could not stand on a one feet and, his uniform was covered in Sgomfane (African brewed beer) stains, the reporter claimed.  As the guard approach the reporter from the precinct entrance he did not hesitate to apply loutish language to chase the reporter out from the precinct premises as he said “hey you! What the f… are doing here with your camera? Take your s… camera and vacate the premises with an immediate effect”, claimed the reporter.

“Whilst I was digesting the language he used against me, the guard did not waste time to pull another stunt as he pee opposite to the guards’ shelter which was occupied by a female guard at the time”.  OR Tambo precinct was supposed to be a dignified place whereby communities can freely visit and learn more about the struggle apartheid icon journey to democracy.

The management was not available for a comment about the security guard behavior as it was still on holidays from last December.