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Developing primary champions to impact South Africas entrepreneurial future


Primary Champions, an exciting new game has just launched with the sole intention of driving awareness and education on entrepreneurship among primary school learners. The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation recently launched the pilot education programme and is calling on all primary school learners between the ages of 9 and 12 (Grades 4 – 7) to participate in the game. The fun and interactive online game is designed to encourage not only an entrepreneurial-focused mindset but to also develop literacy and numeracy skills and competencies within the future workforce.

 “Primary Champions is a fun and interactive online 2D video game intended to provide entrepreneurship education to primary school learners and aims to complete the value pipeline (primary, high school and tertiary students) for entrepreneurship education at all levels for the work of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation,” explains Roheid Ojageer, AGEC Manager at Allan Gray Orbis Foundation.

Open to all learners across the country in Grades 4 to 7, the amusing and stimulating Primary Champions 2D video game is ideal for all teachers and parents who wish to promote and see improvement in their pupil’s critical learning outcomes in areas such as Economic and Management Sciences (EMS), Life Orientation, Life Skills, Literacy and Numeracy.

The pilot game contains five modules which can either be completed in one sitting or played in separate sessions, depending on whether the teacher chooses to incorporate class-based lessons with the game enables the development of an entrepreneurial mindset in children in a more interactive and engaging manner. Learners play a 2D video game followed by a “Literacy Corner” and a “Numeracy Corner” and then tackle quizzes to assess their understanding and competency.

“Children assimilate the three pillars of the game, Business Principles, Literacy and Numeracy,” explains Ojageer. “They learn the basics of business by reporting what they have done in their business, and what the results of their actions are. This has a significant impact on boosting their analytical skills which will serve them well as they head into High School and start thinking about career options.”

“Specifically crafted to develop and grow the core competencies so critical to the South African economy, the game also teaches participants new words, phrases and business terminology that they will use later in life. We are driving entrepreneurship etiquette and numeracy skills that are also developed as they calculate such equations as profit, using multiplication, subtraction and division,” says Ojageer.

Play and experimentation are important elements of the programme, as is the fact that the Primary Champions game is played in a fun and safe online environment. On completion of all five modules, participants receive a certificate acknowledging their commitment and indicating their level of skill. Teachers are also issued with a certificate, recognising the importance of their role in managing the programme and guiding and encouraging learners in undertaking and completing it.

Primary Champions is crucial in providing a viable entrepreneurship curriculum for primary schools across the country that can easily be incorporated into the public schooling system. It is perfectly aligned with Government’s stated objective not only to add value and introduce new skills to public schooling, but to also democratise entrepreneurship education.

REGISTER NOW: Teachers or Parents can visit primarychampions.entrepreneurshipchallenge.co.za to register. Game play ends 15 November 2021