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End of rotational learning?


All schools across the country will return to full time attendance from Monday next week following a decision taken at a meeting of the Council of Education Ministers this morning.

This comes after Cabinet said primary, secondary and special schools should return to daily attendance and the regulatory provision for social distancing of one metre for learners in schools would no longer be mandatory.

In a statement, the Department of Basic Education said it welcomed the decision by Cabinet to allow schools to return to full-time learning in all schools.

“The Council of Education Ministers met this morning to process the decision. CEM agreed that schools would return to normal timetabling as from Monday, 7 February 2022,” the department said.

While a series of meetings have been scheduled with stakeholders to inform them of the decision, the sector will in the meantime be preparing for the full return of learners.

“The Minister will gazette new directions in the coming days to reflect the Cabinet decision and to also provide guidance ahead of the resumption of traditional time-tabling,” the department said.

The department said the CEM is set to meet again on Friday and is expected to thereafter host a media briefing. –