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Corona virus case in Alexandra


Following social media and news reports about a man who tested positive for #Covid19 being from Alexandra travelling to the village in Tzaneen Limpopo, the health department in Gauteng province has come out to confirm the reports as truth. A man who allegedly works for a White person that travelled abroad is residing in Setjwetla.

The health department in the province has confirmed that 5 people who the person might have been in physical contact with have been tested and were told to self isolate while waiting results.

In a statement released on Monday 30 March the department said: “The department can confirm that there are five people who are currently under quarantine after being in close contact with a confirmed case. The confirmed case, tested and was instructed to remain under self-isolation while awaiting results.
“Upon positive confirmation of results, our team of tracers working with law enforcement agencies tracked the confirmed case to Limpopo. He had disregarded an instruction and travelled outside of the province last week before the lockdown. He is currently under isolation in a health facility in Limpopo,” said the statement.

Remember to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly and don’t touch your face. Masks and hand gloves should be disposed after 1st time of using them. You can not reuse a mask or gloves.