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The new normal for Alexandra schools


08 June 2020 meant the return of grade 7 and 12’s at school after taking a 2 months break because of coronavirus lockdown that started on the 26th of March 2020.

Outside Pholosho Secondary School.

In Alexandra it is the same with 5 high schools and other primary schools. From Monday the 8th schools pupils have to sanitize their hands and have their temperature checked then it’s jotted down next to their names in a school list when getting to school everyday.

Realogile Secondary School, screening their kids.

The process takes time for other schools like Pholosho secondary school which caters for grade 7-9. Although the school haven’t given Pioneer News the total number of grade 7 pupils, 2-3 lines outside the school comprising of grade 7 with 1-2meter distance between the pupils was seen and the pupils in order to make it early have to leave their homes at 7am.

East Bank High gate.

On the first day of the reopening of schools, Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga visited various schools across Gauteng to oversee their implementation of the COVID-19 health and safety regulations.

While the Minister was yet to receive feedback on the national reopening, she expressed her satisfaction at the adherence to protocol at the schools she visited.